Postcard Heroes

Know someone in your neighborhood who you think is a hero? Tell us about them!

Here are some questions to consider before starting:

  • Who can you think of (anywhere) that you would consider a hero?
  • What makes someone a hero?
  • How does a hero impact a community?
  • Have you done anything heroic?
  • Has anyone you know done something heroic?

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, think about people in your life like teachers, friends, pets, siblings and parents. Use the questions above to help you decide if any of them might be heroes to you.

Once you have determined who your hero is, take or draw a picture of them cheapest air conditioner installation near me. Submit your picture and your reason why that person is a hero here.

If you are interested in participating another way, you can stop by any branch of Madison Public Library or Madison Children’s Museum to fill out and submit a postcard. You may also download one here (pdf) to print and submit.