Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is Madison Story Project?

Madison Story Project is a place-based youth storytelling project created through a partnership between Madison Children’s Museum and Madison Public Library. Its aim is to give young people a voice in their community and to show that youth stories and experiences are important.

  1. Who can be involved?

Madison Story Project is for all school-aged young people in the Madison area, and for the teachers, community leaders, and parents who work with them.

  1. What if I want to participate and I’m an adult?

Madison Story Project is meant for young people, so if you’d like to get involved, think about interviewing a young person in your life and having him or her share a story with us!

  1. What if I am concerned about privacy and don’t want my child’s (or student’s) information online?

We take privacy very seriously; all we will share is a child’s first name, age, and the general area where a story was created, such as a school, community center, or neighborhood. These location details are to enable our online story map. We will never share addresses or other personal information on our site.

  1. Who will see the story I upload?

Once your story is on our site, anyone who goes to the website will be able to see it. This is a powerful way for Madison-area young people to share their stories with their community, and for these stories to travel even beyond our local community.

  1. What format should my story be in?

We accept many formats! You can send in a short written text, a picture, a short audio clip, or a video. If you do send in a picture, please accompany it with a brief written narrative to explain what we are seeing in the picture. The picture could be of a person, or it could be a picture of something you’ve made, a place that’s important to you, or an object that is meaningful to you.

  1. What kind of technology do I need to participate?

Just a computer or smart phone with an internet connection! If you’d like to send in a photograph, video, or audio clip, you will also need a device on which you can photograph and record. Remember that written narratives are very compelling, so you don’t need very sophisticated technology to participate!

  1. Who sponsors Madison Story Project?

Madison Story Project was created by Madison Public Library and Madison Children’s Museum. You can find out more about Madison Public Library and Madison Children’s Museum in the “partners” section of this website.

  1. Why should I participate?

Because your story is important! Historical records show us that young people have rarely been able to record their stories in their own words; the historical record is filled primarily with adults talking about what it is like to be a child. Madison Story Project wants to change this by preserving young people’s stories for future generations.

Also, participating is fun and teaches valuable narrative skills; by sharing your story, you are learning effective ways to structure a story so that other people will understand it, and you are also participating in the life of your community by letting people know what life is like for you in the Madison area.

  1. What if I want to use Madison Story Project in my classroom, community center, or other group?

We’d love for you to participate! You can look at our toolkits on this website for some ideas on how to participate. You can also contact us if you’re interested in having someone from Madison Story Project come and work with your group.

  1. What if I don’t like any of your prompts, but still want to participate?

No problem! Your story can be about any true event that has happened in your life chimera motors. We are also especially interested in things that happened to you in or around the Madison area. If you don’t want to use any of our prompts, feel free to make up your own!

  1. Do I have to live in Madison to participate?

No! The project is for anyone within the Madison area. If you feel like you live in the Madison area, then this project is for you!

  1. What if I need help creating or uploading my story?

Check out our toolkits for some great advice on creating and uploading your story.

  1. Where can I learn more about Madison Public Library and Madison Children’s Museum?

You can learn more about Madison Public Library and Madison Children’s Museum by the reading the “partners” section of this website, or by clicking on the links for Madison Public Library and Madison Children’s Museum. Madison Story Project events are happening at Madison Children’s Museum and Madison Public Library, and there are also many other great events at both locations. Come visit us soon!

  1. How long should my story be?

If your story is in written form, it should be between one half page and one full page (single spaced). If your story is mainly in pictures, about five pictures, with a few sentences explaining each picture, is a good length. If your story is in audio or video format, a story five minutes or under is a good length.