Create Your Story

Want to submit a story but don’t know what to do? Here are some ideas…

Do you have 5 minutes?

  • Pick one of the questions below to answer. Borrow a media device (phone, mp3 play with recorder, tablet). As long as it has a camera and voice recorder, it will work. Practice saying your answer a few times and then record it. If you have time, try to include a photo of yourself or of something related to your story.

Do you have 30 minutes?

  • Pick one of the questions below and draw a picture and write or tell your story. Use a media device to take a picture of your drawing and record your story.
  • Make a photo essay by taking pictures of people or things related to your story. Put them into a slide show or movie format and record yourself narrating the story.

Do you have more time?

  • Make a stop-motion animated movie about a story you want to share.
  • Create a documentary (information movie about a real person, place, or event) about your story. You can interview other people who might have been involved and film the place(s) where your story happened.
  • Write a song, or poem and perform it using a voice recorder. Be sure to include an image related to your story.
  • Get some friends together, gather costumes and props and act out your story. Ask a grown-up to film it once you’ve practiced it a few times.
  • Practice doing something you’re good at and make a “how-to” video.

Story ideas to get you started

  • Talk about something unusual that happened on your way to school some time
  • Share a favorite moment that you had in a park in Madison
  • Talk about the last time you went on a trip (anywhere)
  • Illustrate how to play a game you made up
  • Talk about the first time you were allowed to do something by yourself that you used to do with a grown-up
  • Explain why a particular place in your neighborhood is special.
  • Come up with your own idea. Make sure it is true and it takes place in or around Madison.

Here are some tips for creating a good story:

Where does it start? Make sure your story has a clear beginning. If you’re talking about something that happens in the afternoon, you probably don’t need to start with getting out of bed in the morning.

What happens? Be sure to figure out what the important action or activity is and make that the focus of your story. If you fall in a puddle on your way to school, really describe that experience in detail. Was the water cold? Did your clothes get dirty as well as wet? What was the weather like outside? How did it feel walking after that?

Wrap it up! Once the action is completed, how does your story end? If you broke your nose, does the story end after you went to the doctor? Or does it end when you go back to school and kids make fun of your swollen face?

Submit your project

Here are some things to consider when submitting a project:

  • Make sure you don’t include personal information like full name or home address of yourself or anyone else in your story
  • Get permission from everyone in the story to have the project put on the website. Some people don’t want to be online for the world to see
  • Is your story true? While we love creativity, we want to hear about real experiences so please do not submit something you made up.
  • If you have time, show your project to a friend or grown-up and make changes before you submit it.

Ready to go? Submit your story here.